Our Story

Sheila, Therese & Kathleen

We are three loving sisters from the Midwest and the creators of Soothing Souls. We were born to a large, close-knit family and raised in a small Wisconsin town before settling in Minnesota.

Heartbreaking loss and grief has been a frequent visitor in our lives. We have walked the journey of loss and life's changes enough times to know how a single act of comfort can soothe the spirit and mend the heart. Our dream was to create a way to support those navigating grief and change by sharing some of the comforts we found.

We hand selected beautiful, quality items for our gift boxes, with themes rooted in nature. Each box is filled with powerful natural elements and spiritual gifts. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and choosing a gift to send.

May the Soothing Souls box you choose bring support, healing, and love.